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        Successful story 1: Edison was chosen by NNU

              Nanjing Norman University is a famous comprehensive university in china. It is one of the key universities which had passed the earliest national inspection under the 211 project. Owing to its phenomenal influence, it has always been a competing target among domestic and international digital companies. Several companies even conduct commercial operations under the name of NNU. When NNU released its intention in purchasing digitalized products, many companies, both from home and abroad, poured into the university with their sample products. Edison was quite late in getting the news. However, being quite aware of the different situations in middle and high school, it strode into the fierce competition with high confidence and firm belief that it is capable of meeting the higher requirements from high school in products’ utilization and performance. Besides, Edison can offer a more competitive price than international products, which can be attributed to its independence in R&D products. 
              However, Edison still received great challenges from graduates and experts of NNU. Having tried many products of other companies (some even showed special affection towards an American brand), they constantly pointed out the insufficiencies of hardware and software products of Edison company. Instead of retreating, Edison treated it as a golden opportunity for improving their products. They assigned a special technical engineer to note down all the criticisms and suggestions form NNU users and made instant and continual modifications to win 100% satisfaction. In addition, we helped graduates solve many practicalities in digitalized experiments and eventually gained their recognition and affirmation.
              Having gone through fierce competition in public bidding, Edison, with the best cost-effective products, was chosen and authorized by NNU experts to provide professional guidance in building a multi-functional classroom for digital experiments. It set a good example for the domestic construction of special classrooms for teaching. 
              There are companies who value sales far more than service. However, Edison is different. Having successfully launched its products into NNU, Edison kept firmly its promise on after-sale service by frequently sending technical engineers to help colleges hold various digitalized teaching activities and make system maintenance and technical support with great patience. Thanks to its superior products and services, Edison was invited as the only digital company to the annual meeting for chemistry teachers and researchers in Jiangsu Province, which is a great leap to promote Edison’s image and popularize its products.
              Tip to success: Ceaseless pursuit of quality and service breeds better products!

          Ma Hongjia, chemistry experts of NNU, is introducing EDIS to teachers and researchers from other cities

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