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        Edison digital exploratory system is a new platform for science experiments as well as a revolution against traditional laboratory media and modes of presentation. It can be widely applied to all quantitative or semi-quantitative experiments in different academic fields, ranging from science subject in primary school, to other subdisciplines like general science, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and environmental science in different junior colleges and technical secondary schools. Edison Company can offer all its customers professional, systemic, and holistic programs in accordance with specific organizational structure and disciplinary features.
        For primary school
        We could offer help in installing digital system for teacher¡¯s demonstration as well as construction package for specialized lab in accordance with the science subject in primary school. Our system can help primary students build up some initial ideas about scientific concepts such as heat, force, sound, light, electricity, magnetism, acid-base, and gas as well as providing some means for quantitative measurement. We enjoy high flexibility in the type and amount ofconfiguration service.
        For high school
        We could offer help in installing digital system for teacher¡¯s demonstration and interest group activities as well as construction package for specialized lab for science experiments in accordance with the features of physics, chemistry, and biology. Besides, we could provide independent configuration for physics, chemistry, and biology subject, associated configuration for biochemistry, as well as comprehensive configuration for science courses in general. The type and amount of configuration can be flexibly adjusted to the practical conditions of target schools, i.e. the usual two-student-in-one group mode can be expanded to three or four students based on the practical financial situation of schools. Moreover, the fact that the multi-functional hand-held analyzer of Edison Company can be used in replacement of computer suggests that school users could update their laboratory by merely adding the digital experimental equipments instead of changing the traditional laboratory structure and infrastructure. The high removability of our equipments keeps the computers and other equipments away from the corrosion of acid gas.
        For junior colleges and technical secondary schools
        The junior colleges and technical secondary schools offering science courses tend to enjoy great diversity, flexibility, and independence in setting their subjects. As a result of the educational modernization trend, there is an urgent need for those colleges and schools to update their laboratory equipments to which our company can offer economical and practical proposal based on the actual state of subjects settings of target schools. We allow for independent configuration for single department as well as associated configuration for several departments. The fact that many domestic universities tend to consolidate liberal education of science courses rather than separating arts and science at preliminary grades further makes room for the appearance of cross-disciplinary laboratory for general science.

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