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To study the strengths of the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide and methane by temperature sensor.
EDIS System, Multifunctional Handheld Analyzer, 3 General Temperature Sensors, Anhydrous Sodium Acetate, Soda Lime, Preparation Device of Methane, Marble, Dilute Sulfuric Acid, Preparation Device of Carbon dioxide.
1. Connect three general temperature sensors to the multifunctional handheld analyzer, open the software and set the data acquisition frequency to1 per 10 seconds.
2. Fill two glass bottles of the same volume with water and stop up each of them tightly with a plug. Collect one bottle of carbon dioxide and one bottle of methane through the drainage method.
3. Put outside together the two bottles of different gases and one empty bottle under the strong sunshine, insert the temperature sensor, and click “Data Collection” to collect data.
4. After being exposed outside for 20 minutes, put all the bottles back in the room and continue collecting data for another 5 minutes.
Results and Data Analysis:
What conclusion can you draw by comparing the two sets of data?
Experimental Development:
Learn about the causes and damages of Greenhouse Effect by searching more information or data. Under certain condition, choose plastic house or other greenhouse environment to monitor the density of carbon dioxide and analyze the growing condition of off-season vegetables and flowers.
Teachers’ words:
The earth absorbs solar energy during the daytime and radiates it at night in the form of infrared rays. Normally through this way, the earth can maintain its temperature mild, neither too hot nor too cold. It’s generally thought that the cause for Greenhouse Effect is the gases such as carbon dioxide and methane released from human activities, as they can absorb infrared long-wave radiation. They encapsulate around the atmosphere of the earth and absorb some of the heat released by the earth, and day by day make the earth’s temperature increase. In this experiment, we use temperature sensor to simulate greenhouse circumstance to show the dynamic changes of temperature and let students investigate the forming condition and mechanism of Greenhouse Effect to enhance their understanding as well as comparing the strengths of the Greenhouse Effect of the two gases: carbon dioxide and methane.
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